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heeeeyyyy... question?

So I have a huge favor to be asked.
HIPV is coming to the Blind Pig on Thursday
in Michigan. Which is August 25th.
If anyone has 2 extra tickets or knows anyone
that could get me tickets this would be the best
thing ever.
You guys seriously dont know how much this would
mean to me. HIPV is my favorite band and I've missed
them the last 2 times they've came.
And I'm starting to get my hopes crushed cause I dont
think I'm gonna be able to get tickets for this show.
This would seriously mean the world to me.
So if any of you have extra tickets or know someone who
has tickets or can get me some this would seriously
mean so much to me. You guys dont even know.
my sn is knowthisreason

so please please please if ANYONE can help me at all
please do:/
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